About Suing After A Collision With A Reckless Delivery Driver

Were you recently in an accident? Are you unsure how to balance your new injuries and the rising costs? Learn how a lawyer can help you.

About Suing After A Collision With A Reckless Delivery Driver

16 December 2015
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Did your car get sideswiped by a delivery truck driver that seemed as though he or she was in a hurry? If you have a serious injury because your car got hit by another vehicle after being pushed into another lane, you need a lawyer's help fast. Find out below how a personal injury lawyer can help you sue the delivery truck driver and the company that he or she works for.

How Can an Injury Lawyer Help a Car Crash Victim?

Before handling your injury lawsuit, the lawyer must get an understanding of what went on when the collision occurred. He or she will want to know whether you had your eyes on the road paying attention, as well as whether you noticed the delivery truck driver doing anything like talking on the phone or eating. The questions asked during the consultation are very vital for building a good case, so keep all of your answer as accurate as possible. Inconsistencies in your details can lead to you losing credibility in court if they are called out by the defendant's attorney. All information exchanged during the consultation is confidential, unless your lawyer makes you aware that it will be brought up in court to support your argument.

How Will the Lawyer Get Evidence to Support the Case?

The lawyer will gather evidence against the driver personally, as well as the company that he or she is employed with. The first step to getting evidence will be for the lawyer to hire an investigator. The investigator will be responsible for finding whether the driver has a history of DUI, whether he or she is properly licensed, and whether he or she has caused collisions in the past. The lawyer will also get information about the kind of drivers that the delivery company has a history of hiring, such as if they hire drivers that are not properly licensed. Finding witnesses and investigating the accident scene for surveillance video will also be done.

What Will the Money Won in the Lawsuit Be Accounted For?

You can win money against the delivery company for punitive damages, which is paid in an attempt to prevent them from hiring bad drivers in the future. The company will also have to compensate you enough money to treat your injuries on a long-term basis (if necessary). The driver can be sued for emotional distress, counseling, and your pain and suffering. Speak to a personal injury lawyer at The Jaklitsch Law Group so you can get money for what the negligent delivery driver put you through!

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