Three Critical Topics To Discuss When You Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Were you recently in an accident? Are you unsure how to balance your new injuries and the rising costs? Learn how a lawyer can help you.

Three Critical Topics To Discuss When You Hire A Motorcycle Accident Attorney

4 March 2016
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After your involvement in a motorcycle accident, it's crucial to devote time to finding the right attorney if you think that you'll be taking legal action. Your first step is to find some local attorneys who specialize in motorcycle-related cases; next, you can identify a few worthwhile candidates and schedule time to speak to each one. Each of these meetings is an opportunity for you to discuss your case and evaluate the attorney's expertise and experience. While you'll want to talk about things such as legal fees and each attorney's policies for working on a contingency basis, covering these topics can also give you the information you need to hire the right person.

Value Of Case

Provided you visit with an attorney who has represented clients in cases similar to yours, you can ask about the potential value of your case and get a reasonable estimate. The attorney can provide you with an informed idea of how much your case is likely worth – and even break down how much you might be offered in a settlement versus how much you could possibly be awarded if the case went to trial. Discussing this topic is beneficial because it allows you to compare each attorney's answer and evaluate which seems the most likely.

Your Duties

You shouldn't consider your work to be done once you hire your motorcycle accident attorney. While it's true that the attorney will be putting together your case, he or she will rely on you to provide necessary supporting information to increase the likelihood that the case will be a success. Asking about your duties can reveal each attorney's plan of action. Ideally, you should be told that your duties will include attending various meetings and appointments with investigators and medical professionals. The former will meticulously document the accident itself, while the latter will put you through a series of tests to assess what injuries you sustained in the accident. 

Case Timelines

Any experienced attorney should be able to give you an idea of how long it will take the case to get resolved. However, discussing the case timeline is about more than just knowing when things will conclude. You also need to know when work on the case will start. If the attorney has a heavy current caseload, he or she might not be planning to begin work on your case right away. If you're in a hurry to have things resolved, you'll need to make sure to hire someone who can begin work immediately.

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