Three Topics That Are Important To Discuss With Your Personal Injury Attorney

Were you recently in an accident? Are you unsure how to balance your new injuries and the rising costs? Learn how a lawyer can help you.

Three Topics That Are Important To Discuss With Your Personal Injury Attorney

9 March 2016
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After you've suffered a serious injury that resulted from the negligence of someone else, it's important to move quickly to hire a personal injury attorney who can prepare a case to help you seek financial compensation. While time is of the essence, you shouldn't rush to simply hire the first attorney whose advertisement you see on TV or on a billboard near your home. It's better to put together a list of prospective candidates and speak to each one to help you make up your mind. The personal connection you develop with an attorney can make him or her a viable candidate, as can the answers to these three topics.

Case Time Frame

The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case varies by state; in many states, attorneys have two to three years to bring a case forward. Although the average attorney won't necessarily wait this long, the reality is that the person you're speaking to could have a significant backlog of cases that prevent him or her from dealing with your situation for several months or even over a year. If you're eager to get the proceedings dealt with in a timely manner, it's important to talk to the attorney about the expected time frame for the case. Ideally, you'll be able to hire someone who can begin work in short order.

Use Of Experts

The difference between an unsuccessful personal injury case and a successful one can often come down to the involvement of experts. The best personal injury attorneys are connected to an extensive network of qualified experts who can strengthen your case. This network includes medical professionals who will put you through a series of tests that can help to document the severity of your physical and emotional injuries, as well as investigators who can dig into the negligence of the other party involved in your accident.

Evaluation Of Settlement Versus Trial

Given the chance that your personal injury case will include a settlement offer at some point, it's useful to talk to the attorney about the merits of your case and determine what type of settlement might be offered, as well as whether you'd be smart to accept the offer or decline it and move forward to trial. Experienced attorneys will be able to evaluate the strength of your case versus those involving previous clients and provide you with a qualified estimate about what you expect.

Keep these issues in mind as you talk with a potential personal injury attorney, and you'll be able to find the right person to take your case. 

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