Questions And Answers About Slip And Fall Injury Cases

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Questions And Answers About Slip And Fall Injury Cases

10 March 2016
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Slipping and falling in a store can leave you wondering whether or not you should seek compensation for your injuries. Here are a few questions and answers about slip-and-fall injuries that occur in a store:

If you slip and fall, are you automatically eligible for reimbursement?

In some instances, you may be eligible for compensation. However, in order for a store's employees to be deemed liable for your injuries, they must have been negligent.

If a hazardous condition was observed by a store employee and nothing was done in a reasonable time frame to remedy the situation, the store and its representatives will likely be deemed negligent. In addition, if a hazard was created by representatives of the store, such as a large wet area due to the recent mopping of a floor, appropriate warning signs should be in place to help protect patrons. Wet floor signs should be posted where they are easily visible.

If you slipped and fell due to the actions of another patron, the store is not necessarily responsible. For instance, if a customer a few feet in front of you spills a drink and you slip on the liquid, the store's representatives may not have had time to clear the spill from the floor. In such an instance, representatives of the store would probably not be considered negligent.

Should compensation be pursued if the incident occurred months ago?

To determine whether or not you should pursue compensation, it is best to have your information reviewed by a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you delay your pursuit of compensation, the statutes of limitations concerning your case could eventually expire. In addition, store legal representatives may assume that your case is fraudulent.

Do you need to seek medical attention?

If you fall in a store, it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible. The medical reports can provide proof of your injuries and their extent.

Is there a large upfront fee for obtaining legal representation in a slip-and-fall injury case?

Many personal injury attorneys, including those who specialize in slip-and-fall cases, often accept contingency pay for their services. This means that instead of an upfront fee, the attorney agrees to receive a percentage of your compensation as payment. If you do not receive retribution for your injuries, the attorney receives no pay, and you are not responsible for legal fees. Most personal injury attorneys also offer a free initial consultation.

If you have slipped and fallen in a store, schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney in your area

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