About Filing A Lawsuit After Getting Burned In A Collision

Were you recently in an accident? Are you unsure how to balance your new injuries and the rising costs? Learn how a lawyer can help you.

About Filing A Lawsuit After Getting Burned In A Collision

18 April 2016
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Did someone cause you to suffer serious burns on your face after your car caught fire in a collision? If you are now left with low self-esteem and large scars that detracts from your beauty, it is your right to sue the other party for the trauma you are going through. The article below will discuss the helpful ways that an attorney can help you win a personal injury lawsuit against the driver that collided with your car and caused it to catch on fire.

Making Sure You Have a Strong Argument

Although suffering from skin being burned in a collision is a serious injury, an attorney will still have to make sure that you are not at fault in any way before proceeding with your case. The attorney will want to eliminate the possibility that the other party was actually the victim by asking you questions about how you were driving on the day of the incident. For instance, you will be asked if you were driving too fast or slow based on the speed limit on the street you were driving on. It is important for you to give the attorney as many details about the incident as possible, as well as remain truthful so nothing will hurt your credibility later on.

Determining the Extent of Your Injury

After the attorney believes that you have a credible case, he or she will begin investigating the severity of your injury to determine how much money you deserve. The attorney will ask how the injury has affected your life mentally and physically. For instance, if you stopped working because the look of the injury led to you going into depression, you might be able to receive compensation for it. The attorney will also seek help from a medical expert about how serious the injury is and how long you are expected to have scars. The attorney will make sure that you are paid for any skin grafting that can be done to improve the look of your face, lost wages, mental anguish and counseling.

Trying to Get You a Fast Settlement

Getting you a fast settlement will be the main priority of your attorney after he or she has built you a strong case. The first attempt to getting you a fast settlement will be setting up a mediation session with the other party if he or she agrees to it in an effort to avoid a long court trial. During mediation your lawyer will present evidence and explain why you want to be compensated.  You will only get paid fast if mediation goes good, but a court trial will be necessary if the other party does not agree with what you are asking for. Get the legal help that you need (from an attorney like those at Clearfield & Kofsky  or a similar firm) for your personal injury lawsuit so you can have a sense of justice.

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