The Three Biggest Mistakes Dog Bite Victims Make

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The Three Biggest Mistakes Dog Bite Victims Make

10 August 2016
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Being bitten by a dog can be a terrifying event and you may simply want to forget that the incident occurred. However, your injuries might have serious, long-term consequences and it is important that you receive the compensation you deserve so you can pay for your medical bills. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that victims of dog bites make which prevent them from being compensated fully. 

Not Going To The Doctor

Even if a dog bite does not look serious, it should always be treated as a serious injury because of the bacteria that can be found in a dog bite. Always travel to the hospital to have your bite inspected whenever the skin is broken. Not only will you receive a treatment, but you will also have your injuries documented. Make sure to file all forms of correspondence that you have with your doctor. In addition to everything given to you, write down everything that your doctor says. Save every medical bill and receipt. While hospitals are likely to have this on file, make sure to keep these documents in case there is a mix-up. 

Not Recording Your Injuries

The key to winning a personal injury case is to thoroughly document your injuries. Your injuries should always be photographed. Look carefully at the pictures to make sure that the severity of your injuries can be seen clearly. Take copious notes of the events that occurred leading up to the dog bite. Record what the dog looked like. If you know who the dog belongs to, make sure to write this down. If you are not able to identify who the dog belongs to, you might need to undergo rabies shots. 

Not Contacting The Authorities

The authorities need to be informed that there is a dangerous dog on the loose. Also, contacting the authorities will provide further evidence that you were bitten by a dog. Otherwise, you may be told that the injuries must not have been so serious if you didn't contact the police. Filing a report legally documents the incident. Then, if there are enough documented cases of the dog biting someone, this can be used as evidence that the dog should be destroyed.

After you have followed these essential steps, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney for more information. Handling cases that involve an injury are tricky and you will want to make sure that you do not forget any important steps.

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