Truck Accidents: 3 Valuable Pieces Of Evidence That Can Prove Your Claim

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Truck Accidents: 3 Valuable Pieces Of Evidence That Can Prove Your Claim

11 March 2022
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A truck accident can cause serious injuries due to its size and great impact. Even so, it is advisable to gather evidence of your injuries and car dents while the accident scene is still fresh. Law enforcement will do this if your injuries don't allow you to move around the scene. This article discusses the essential pieces of evidence you should collect from the accident location or have your attorney request from law enforcement.

Data from the Truck Logbook and Black Box

Most trucks are fitted with an event data recorder. This device stores information about the moments before a car crash. As such, the data recorder will enable you to know the truck's speed before the accident or whether the driver engaged the brakes just before the crash. 

On the other hand, the logbook used by a trucker provides details on the time taken by a truck driver before resting. Therefore, by reviewing a truck's logbook, your attorney can determine whether the driver was too tired to drive at the time of the accident.

Testimonies from Professionals and Eye Witnesses

The evidence of the witnesses with a firsthand account of the truck accident is essential. But sometimes, witnesses may give conflicting statements, particularly for accidents happening on on-ramps or at intersections. Luckily, your car accident attorney will cross-reference information from different witness accounts and get to the bottom of the matter. Besides that, the testimony from the accident reconstruction professionals will shed light on what caused the accident.

Pictures and Videos from the Accident

There could be video footage taken by the nearby surveillance camera or the truck dashcam during your truck accident. So, your car accident lawyer may visit the site of the accident to locate all the cameras that captured the incident and preserve the footage safely. 

In addition, if you are able, you can take photos and videos of the accident scene. If possible, take photos of skid marks, road conditions, and the vehicles' positions after the accident. Your attorney can request these photos from law enforcement as well. It is also advisable to record information about your bodily injuries and your passengers' injuries. Video and photo evidence will play a crucial role in the success of your case.

The moments after a truck accident can be overwhelming. The few pieces of evidence highlighted above can help you secure a successful accident claim.

Contact a tractor-trailer accident lawyer for more information. 

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