Do You Know the Common Injuries for Workers' Compensation Cases?

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Do You Know the Common Injuries for Workers' Compensation Cases?

27 September 2023
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Workers' compensation cases exist because workers are not immune to injuries while working. Injuries can happen to any worker, regardless of the industry or job. Employers need to take responsibility for ensuring that workers work in a safe work environment. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and injuries occur despite the precautions taken. Injured workers can claim workers' compensation benefits to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Here are some of the common injuries that result in workers' compensation cases and what to do when you suffer an injury while on the job.

Repetitive motion injuries

Repetitive motion injuries occur when a worker performs the same motion repeatedly, leading to tissue damage. These can be common among office workers who sit at desks typing or using a mouse all day. These injuries are most common in the hands, wrists, shoulders, and back. Treatment for these injuries may include rest, medication, physical therapy, braces, or surgery in severe cases.

Back injuries

Back injuries can happen because of lifting heavy loads or simply bending to pick up items from the floor. Back injuries affect a worker's ability to perform work duties, and they can be difficult to treat. Treatment can consist of physical therapy, steroid injections, medication, massage, hot/cold therapy, or surgery in severe cases.

Slip and fall injuries.

Accidents resulting from slips and falls can happen in any workplace setting, including office buildings, construction sites, and retail stores. Slip and fall injuries can be serious, causing bone fractures, head injuries, or spinal cord injuries. Treatment may include surgery, therapy, medication, or rehabilitation.

Occupational illness

Workers may be exposed to toxic substances in their workplace, leading to occupational illnesses such as lung disease, hearing loss, or cancer. In some cases, the symptoms may not appear until years after exposure, and the worker may not realize they are entitled to compensation. Medical treatment, surgery, or medication may be required, and the employee may be compensated for lost wages and medical expenses.

Hiring an attorney

When an injury happens at work, workers' compensation insurance should cover medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, insurance companies may deny or undervalue legitimate claims, leaving workers to pay for expenses out of their pockets. Hiring an experienced workers' compensation attorney can aid in the process of filing a claim, representing the worker in hearings and court appearances, and ensuring that the worker receives a fair settlement.

Injuries at the workplace can be life-changing. A worker can suffer physical, emotional, and financial struggles because of an injury. It is important to ensure that the worker receives the proper medical attention and compensation to aid in their recovery. Knowing the common injuries that occur in the workplace can assist in preventing injuries from occurring. In cases where an injury has already occurred, it is recommended that an experienced workers' compensation attorney be retained to assist in all aspects of the claim process, including representing the worker in court cases and hearings if necessary.

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