Healing From My Accident

Were you recently in an accident? Are you unsure how to balance your new injuries and the rising costs? Learn how a lawyer can help you.

How To Determine Liability With A Car Accident Involving An Agricultural Vehicle

8 November 2022
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Agricultural vehicles sometimes share the road with motorists. These vehicles are large, heavy, and often very slow. Because of these factors, these types of vehicles are sometimes difficult to avoid and can cause more damage than passenger vehicles. They are also required to follow different rules than other motorists. The Driver Might Have Been Liable Agricultural vehicles are expected to follow different rules from passenger vehicles. For example, an agricultural vehicle is not allowed to drive on a freeway. Read More …

Long-Term Complications Of Chemical Burns Suffered In A Collision And How To Get Your Rightful Payments

15 September 2022
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A car crash can be very dangerous, and you may suffer different injuries. Therefore, you should take certain safety measures to prevent injuries following a collision. For instance, you need to move your vehicle away from traffic to avoid being hit by another vehicle or suffering burns in case a vehicle explodes after the collision.  Additionally, you may have accidentally touched a harmful chemical while moving to a safe area. As a result, you might suffer severe burns that might cause long-term complications. Read More …

Why Is It Necessary To Put Pressure On Insurance Companies?

13 July 2022
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In theory, the role of an insurance company is to provide compensation when one of the actions of their clients results in property damage or injuries. Of course, reality doesn't always play out this way. Insurance companies operate as businesses, meaning they want to minimize liability and pay out as little as possible. While this information probably doesn't surprise most people, it's important to understand how it can affect the trajectory of a personal injury claim. Read More …

Car Injury Lawsuits: Severe Injuries That Deserve Compensation

5 May 2022
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Generally, most motorists drive cautiously and follow traffic rules. Being careful on the road enables you to mitigate a potential accident. However, some drivers drive carelessly, causing accidents that leave innocent road users with life-altering injuries. You're entitled to compensation if you become a victim of such an incident.  However, it's advisable to engage an auto accident attorney when undertaking this legal process. Seeking legal representation increases your chances of receiving well-deserved compensation for your medical expenses and other damages. Read More …

Truck Accidents: 3 Valuable Pieces Of Evidence That Can Prove Your Claim

11 March 2022
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A truck accident can cause serious injuries due to its size and great impact. Even so, it is advisable to gather evidence of your injuries and car dents while the accident scene is still fresh. Law enforcement will do this if your injuries don't allow you to move around the scene. This article discusses the essential pieces of evidence you should collect from the accident location or have your attorney request from law enforcement. Read More …

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Healing From My Accident

When I woke up in the hospital and asked what happened, my mom and sisters explained that I had been involved in a terrible auto accident. I was terrified. In addition to forgetting about the entire ordeal, I also didn't know how I was going to battle my new injuries. Fortunately, my mom suggested that we seek the help of an accident attorney. Within a few hours, things started to get better. The lawyer answered phone calls and addressed medical bills, and he also took the time to listen to my side of the story--or the lack thereof. Learn how a lawyer can help you too.